RSC Dominates Fidelity Investments Young Artists Competition

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The Rivers School Conservatory had a spectacular showing at the Boston Pops’ Fidelity Investments Young Artists Competition this year, taking three of the four grand prizes. Congratulations to Andrew Kim (15, cello student of Ron Lowry), Fei Yang-Sady (14, violin student of Jin-Kyung Joen), and Adalia Wen (14, guzheng, piano student of Sandra Hebert)! The Fidelity Competition is designed for …

RSC Summer Programs: Inspiration and Friendship

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As parents know, it can be a challenge after a long school day to motivate kids to pick up their instrument and practice. During the school year, students juggle extracurriculars and academics, and music can slip down in the list of priorities in a busy schedule. That all changes at RSC’s Summer Programs. These programs provide a special time when …

Ready to Grow: Rivers Youth Orchestras Are Moving Full Steam Ahead

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Auditions for Rivers Youth Orchestras have arrived! Scaled back during the COVID years, these ensembles are roaring to life and pre-pandemic levels. Growth has been a long-time theme for RYO. Back in 2001, it launched with one Preparatory Orchestra for elementary school-aged students. RYO Music Director and conductor of the Rivers Youth Symphony Christopher Memoli explains, “We thought the kids …

The Magic of RSC Summer Programs

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Many parents are familiar with the challenge of motivating kids to practice their instrument. During the school year, students have additional activities to juggle along with academics. Music may be one more thing to fit into their busy schedule. That all changes during RSC’s Summer Programs. This is a special time when students can focus on two things: improving their …

Broadening Perspectives with Master Classes

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“Part of what makes music so great is that if you put 10 musicians in a room, you’ll get 15 opinions. There is not just one way to make music,” says cellist Bruce Coppock, chair of RSC’s Chamber Music Department and director of RSC’s ChamberMusicLab. “That’s why it’s so important for young musicians to hear different perspectives – and to …

43rd Annual Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young

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Friday, April 1 – Sunday, April 3, 2022 Forty-three years ago, The Rivers School Conservatory pioneered a unique model to bring together young performers, composers, and audiences. The launch of the Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young not only began a beloved tradition at RSC, it also set the bar for such events around the world. The three-day event …

RSC Students Performed at Carnegie Hall

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Congratulations to RSC students Audrey and Henry Tushman, who performed at Carnegie Hall on Dec. 4! Both siblings were First Place winners of the American Protégé International Music Talent Competition and performed in the winners’ concert in New York City. Watch an interview with Henry in Musicale: Interview with Henry Tushman | Musicale – YouTube

New Faculty Spotlight: Claire Nalven

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Program Director, Youth Wind Ensemble For Claire Nalven, director of RSC’s Youth Wind Ensemble, music education provides students with a lot more than the skills to play an instrument. She explains, “In an ensemble, they learn how to work hard and be part of a team. They are with kids they haven’t met before from all over the region, and …

New Faculty Spotlight: Taylor Stobinski

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Suzuki Cello Teacher Growing up, Taylor Stobinski always had a love and passion for music. His first experience with music was at an “instrumental playground” with all kinds of instruments from the viola and cello to the trombone and trumpet. However, he had a special affinity for the cello. After two years of playing, he started lessons at age 12. …