Restricted and Endowed Funds

The Rivers School Conservatory has two types of designated funds: restricted and endowed funds. Both types of funds support the foundational programs that define the RSC experience.

Restricted Funds

Restricted funds are current-use funds that support specific programs during the year. Donations made to these funds directly support that program and are spent during the fiscal year. Examples of RSC Restricted Funds are:

The RSC Financial Aid Fund broadens the accessibility of exceptional music education and empowers talented students in the pursuit of their musical passion. Each year, The Rivers School Conservatory grants nearly 25% of our students with need-based financial aid. This fund represents RSC’s commitment to providing talented students with premier music education opportunities, regardless of their financial background.

ChamberMusicLab is an intensive chamber music study course established by the innovative mind of the late Bruce Coppock, Founder and Chair of the chamber department from 2019-2022. The program involves a year-long commitment of weekly 3-hour rehearsals and coaching to learn and explore in-depth the experience of being in a chamber music group. Students participating in this program are deeply dedicated to music and describe it as an “unparalleled” musical experience. This fund directly supports the programming of ChamberMusicLab and its philosophy of teaching chamber music skills in great detail from the very beginning.

This fund directly supports the development of innovative practices and programs that will increase access to a quality music education and enhance the reputation of RSC as a premier conservatory. These funds may support faculty or programs in pursuit of this goal, at the discretion of the director of The Rivers School Conservatory.

The Rivers School Conservatory Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young was founded to address the need of young performers to hear, play, and learn the music of their time. Since 1978, the seminar has presented over 3,200 pieces, representing more than 1,920 composers and 720 premieres, including nearly 250 commissioned pieces and has become a hallmark program of RSC. This fund directly supports the vibrancy of the Seminar and its ability to commission distinguished composers of the 21st century to enrich the experience of RSC students and faculty.

The Rivers Symphony Orchestra (RSO) was established in 1996 to promote opportunities for talented adult and advanced students from the community. The RSO is one of many examples of the way that The Rivers School Conservatory serves the greater community through its programming. This fund supports the resources needed to make the RSO an outstanding orchestra for adult students to continue experiencing the joys of music performance.

The Marimba Magic Fund was established to support one of The Rivers School Conservatory’s key early music education programs. Marimba Magic introduces essential musicianship skills like rhythmic precision, creative exploration, scales, chords, and improvising, which can transfer to any instrument. This fund supports the resources needed to bring music to students ages five through twelve.

Endowed Funds

An endowed fund is an investment account established to permanently support a designated program. Each year, investment income from the fund supports the designated program. This differs from restricted funds because a gift to an endowed fund is invested rather than spent during the fiscal year.

Endowed funds at RSC provide support for essential programs that contribute to a vibrant experience. Growing RSC endowment funds means providing more financial aid to deserving students, enriching the student experience through competitions, and offering scholarships for high-achieving musicians. Examples of RSC Endowed Funds are:

The A. Ramón Rivera Piano Competition was donated to The Rivers School Conservatory in 1990 in honor of Mr. Rivera, Director Emeritus. The fund pays tribute to Mr. Rivera as an extraordinary teacher of our time and recognizes his superb teaching talent, uncompromising high standards for artistry in music and his love and care for every student. The scholarship prizes are awarded to outstanding students selected through the process of the A. Ramon Rivera Piano Competition. This scholarship encourages young pianists to continue in their search for excellence and hope that they too will inspire many students in years to come.

This fund was established in 2011 with a generous gift from Mr. and Mrs. James L. J. Nuzzo to honor the late David Beyer, an extraordinary pianist who taught at The Rivers School Conservatory for 35 years. This fund provides an annual scholarship to a Rivers School Conservatory piano student based on merit. Names of candidates will be solicited from the piano faculty in the spring and the recipient will be selected by the consensus of the RSC Director, Piano Department Chair, and his designated substitute. The winner will have his or her name engraved on a plaque placed in Bradley Hall.

Established in 2002, this fund supports programs that differentiates RSC from other music schools including the Contemporary Music Seminar, the Jazz Festival, and the Concerto Competition.

Honoring David Tierney, RSC Director 1996-2018, The RSC Endowed Fund for Music Financial Aid recognizes and appreciates the impact that David has had as Director of The Rivers School Conservatory for 26 years. The fund enables music study for students from the surrounding communities who would like to take lessons, study theory, or join ensembles or orchestras at RSC. Students are offered financial aid based on documented financial need. The financial aid awards may be renewed annually until high school graduation or completion of music studies if the student remains in good standings and the family qualifies for aid.

This fund was established in 1998 from Mr. Michael J Fradette and Ms. Debra Fradette, parents of Nicole Fradette ‘97. This fund is meant to aid and encourage young flutists to pursue serious musical study at The Rivers Conservatory. The fund is named after Nicole Fradette ‘97 in recognition of her dedication, commitment, and accomplishments while a student at The Rivers School Conservatory.

The fund was established in May 2012 with a generous gift from Mr. Steven J. Snider and Ms. Janice M. Snider. This fund continues the legacy of Magdalena Richter, an acclaimed violinist and devoted teacher who taught at The Rivers School Conservatory, by providing funds for a string competition and funds for a scholarship to a RSC violin student.

This fund was established in 2000 by a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reitz to recognize and honor The Rivers School Conservatory percussion department and faculty. Specifically, the late Reid Jorgensen for his 32 years of teaching at RSC and inspiration, sensitivity, support, commitment, and standard of excellence in his teaching of Andrew Reitz, a long-time student at The Rivers School Conservatory. This fund will provide the funding for the cost of the annual stipend for The Rivers School Conservatory Percussion Department Chair.

If you have any questions or are interested in establishing a restricted or endowed fund, please contact Ben White at The Rivers School Conservatory Development Office: | (339) 686-2332.

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