The Rivers School Conservatory Concerto Competition

RSC Concerto Competition

Important Dates

Friday, December 1, 2023: RSC Concerto Competition Application Deadline
Saturday, December 16, 2023: RSC Concerto Competition (9:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.)
Saturday, March 9, 2024: Performance with the Rivers Symphony Orchestra (Regis College, Fine Arts Center)

2023-24 Application Closed


Open to all students who have been registered for the 2023-24 year and are taking at least 12 private lessons per semester at The Rivers School Conservatory. The length of lesson must be appropriate to the student’s level.

Students are required to play one movement of a concerto of their choice from memory. Depending on timing, judges reserve the right to stop or skip to another selection of your selected movement.

For more information, please contact the RSC Director before entering the competition.

Students will compete in one of two divisions:  The Junior Division is for students age 12 and under on the application deadline.  The Senior Division is for students ages 13 and up on the same date. All competitors must be enrolled in their second consecutive semester or greater at RSC. Summers are not counted in this total.

The winners will perform their movement with the Rivers Symphony Orchestra.

Competition Winners

William J. Kim, cello (student of Ronald Lowry)
Henry Tushman, piano (student of Sandra Hebert)

Valerie Bai, violin (student of Kelly Barr)
Daniel Chin, violin (student of Jin-Kyung Joen)

Adalia Wen, piano (student of Sandra Hebert)
Iris Tian, violin (student of Jin-Kyung Joen)
Zoe Weng, piano (student of Ana Popa)

Yasmin Myers, violin
Julius Arolovitch, piano

Andrew Y. Kim, cello (student of Ron Lowry)
Ethan Wood, piano (student of Erin Lindsey)

Theo Teng, piano (student of A. Ramon Rivera)
Sarah Royka, piano (student of A. Ramon Rivera)

Andrew Kim, cello (student of Ron Lowry)
Katherine Liu, piano (student of A. Ramon Rivera)

Emilia Spasojevic, cello (student of Ron Lowry)
Theo Teng, piano (student of A. Ramon Rivera)
Julius Arolovitch, piano (student of Ian Lindsey)

Kadar Qian, piano (student of A. Ramon Rivera)
Katarina Spasojevic, violin (student of Magdalena Richter)

Victor Li, piano (student of A. Ramon Rivera)
Emilia DeJesus, piano (student of A. Ramon Rivera)