Faculty Access

RSCnet Attendance Login

Don’t understand how to use this? Read a handy manual.

This site is where you will record attendance for each student and access student/parent contact information. If you have forgotten your password (hint: it is the same as your Rivers’ email password), please contact Lindsey Robb at l.robb@rivers.org.

Attendance Codes

EX Excused Student Absence
TA Teacher Absence
UNEX/C Unexcused Student Absence (Contacted teacher)
UNEX/NC Unexcused Student Absence (No Contact)
WTHR Weather-related absence
HOL School Holiday
EX-MU Excused, and made-up
TA-MU Teacher Absent, and made-up
WTHR-MU Weather absence, and made-up
HOL-MU School holiday, and made-up
NOT-SCH For pro-rated semesters, a week with no lesson/class/ensemble scheduled

Payroll Schedule 2022-2023
Attendance must be completed and extra hours e-mailed to Lindsey Robb by the Monday before each payroll date (at 12 noon):

September 30
October 14, 28
November 11, 25
December 16
January 13, 27
February 17
March 10, 24
April 7, 21
May 12, 26
June 9

Contact Information

Lindsey Robb
Assistant Director
Payroll questions, Attendance website

Kira Ousey
Administrative Assistant & Program Coordinator
General inquiries, workshops, room reservations

Taylor Stobinski
Schedule & website changes, billing questions

Rachael Chen
Marketing & Communications Manager
Promotional material