Seminar on Contemporary Music

43rd Annual Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young

Friday, April 1 – Sunday, April 3, 2022

We are pleased to announce our commissioned composer for the 2022 Seminar is Chen Yi.  From her publishing Company’s website:  ‘As a Distinguished Professor at the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance, a prolific composer, and recipient of the Ives Living Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Dr. CHEN YI* blends Chinese and Western traditions, transcending cultural and musical boundaries. Her music has reached a wide range of audiences and inspired peoples of different cultural backgrounds throughout the world.’  For more information, please visit

The Rivers School Conservatory Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young was founded to address the need of young performers to hear, play, and learn the music of their time.  Since 1978 the seminar has presented 3,107 pieces, representing more than 1,842 composers and 683 premieres, including 207 commissioned pieces.  Each seminar’s programming is unique; pieces are performed only once, so that repertoire, composed within the last 25 years, is constantly being explored.  Every year RSC commissions one composer for a major work.  Past commissioned composers and guests include:

John Cage
Ivan Ttherepnin
Daniel Pinkham
John Harbison
Gunther Schuller
Sir John Taverner
Lukas Foss

Samuel Adler
Lowell Liebermann
Michael Gandolfi
Robert Sirota
Libby Larsen
Matthew Aucoin


The idea of young performers, composer, and audiences interacting with one another in an artistic and creative way has sparked the imagination of educators.  Our seminar has become the model for many such events throughout the United States and the world.

Performed Over
New Pieces
By more than
world premieres
and over
commissioned works