Mission & Values

Ron Lowry Coaching Chamber Music

“Inspiring Musical Excellence”
We are a community that focuses on cultivating exceptional musicianship through performance. The hundreds of workshops, master classes, recitals, and concerts available each year present opportunities for students to develop, strengthen, and refine their talent through public presentation.

We foster creativity and imagination in our students and cultivate the inspiration, self-confidence, discipline, and leadership skills that are developed through the exploration of music. We are proud of our reputation for developing a life-long passion for music in our students.

Who We Are

  • Over 100 distinguished artist-teachers in the Boston area
  • 900+ students ages 3-90 from over 80 different towns

What We Offer

  • Private Instruction on all classical and jazz instruments, piano, and voice
  • Weekly workshops and recitals to cultivate exceptional musicianship through performance
  • Over 30 after school ensemble opportunities for all ages and abilities
  • Numerous classes in music theory, composition, and weekly piano seminars
  • Performance opportunities throughout the year including over 200 recitals, master classes, and special events