RSC 2024 Faculty Appreciation Day

Friday, April 26, 2024

RSC Faculty are outstanding. Their time, dedication, and expertise create a community where the pursuit of musical excellence becomes possible. This day is your chance to celebrate the impact they make day in and day out.  

Take a moment to join us in celebrating our faculty! Our goal this year is 150 notes of appreciation

To participate, simply fill out the form below, add your donation to the RSC Annual Fund, and leave a comment. We’ll make sure to pass your note along to the faculty! 

Your participation on this day of giving will help celebrate our faculty by:

  1. Brightening their day with a note of appreciation 
  2. Sustaining faculty-led programs that enrich the music educational experience 
  3. Providing the resources for Faculty Enrichment Grants so faculty members can pursue projects to enhance their musicianship and teaching

You can also participate using Venmo! Send your name, note of appreciation, and gift to @RiversSchool on the Venmo app.

If you have any questions or run into trouble submitting the form, please contact Ben White, RSC Development Officer via email at